Coldfusion IIS update with connector refresh

So there’s an update for Coldfusion, and a web connector refresh is required.

I’m writing this as a note to self (and any others?) as I sometimes seem to forget the proper process of doing this. The following details how to update a ColdFusion 10 installation on Windows when it wants you to reconfigure the connectors – at least this works for me.

1) Log in to administrator,

2) Select the update notification, choose to download and install. Let it do its thing; accept Windows escalated privilege requests.

3) Run “web server configuration tool” as administrator (right click, run as); just start typing web server.. from the start menu to auto locate this.

4) Remove all numeric subfolders from C:\ColdFusion10\config\wsconfig . This is to clean up the existing stuff.

5) In the config tool, don’t configure all web sites. At least on 10 and 11, I’ve got nothing but trouble with this option. Configure each web site individually. That’s it.

6) In case of 500 errors, check if you had done manual steps the first time you installed Coldfusion by looking at your site’s web.config file.  It should be pretty blank, e.g.

If any handlers are defined, try commenting them out / removing them.