Notes on configuration of Sublime Editor

Notes on configuration of Sublime Editor

I’ve been using Textpad since 1995, and whilst Eclipse etc have entered as nice looking IDEs their textual editing sides have never been that strong. Well, finally I may have finally found an editor that is showing some real potential: Sublime Editor. It shares a lot of the key commands that makes Textpad so strong, but adding colour themes and the actual text editing has been taken to a new level. Another cool thing is that it’s written in Python and settings etc are completely XML and programming driven, so this really opens it up to do whatever you want it to.

Here’s my installation notes; this is a work in progress document.

1) Download from

2) Install Package Control.

3) Install Soda Theme (dark) using package control

4) My user settings:

note: It looks like WordPress mucks up the presentation of this, so it cannot be copy pasted as of now. I will look into this.

// theme + presentation settings
“theme”: “Soda Dark.sublime-theme”,
“soda_classic_tabs”: false,
“color_scheme”: “Packages/Color Scheme – Default/Sunburst.tmTheme”,
“font_face”: “lucida console”,
“font_size”: 7,

// editing
“auto_complete”: false,
“bold_folder_labels”: true,
“highlight_modified_tabs”: true,

// others
“dictionary”: “Packages/Language – English/en_GB.dic”



5) When opening a ColdFusion file, I found that the CF package was a massive slowdown. So for now just treat it as e.g. Java or Javascript, by going to

View > Syntax > [open all with current extension as]

5) Also check resources e.g.