A much niceR Civic

I went to the Melbourne Car Show 2007 today and got a few shots. Others have covered the details much better than I could, but I find the Type R Civic – which will arrive here in a few months – having an incredible appeal. Plus, it’s got to be one of the strongest 2.0 naturally aspirated engine ever built (for a hatch, that is – the S2000 clearly leaves it in the dust).

Civic Type R Civic Type R Civic Type R

Civic Type R Civic Type R Civic Type R

Click on the images to reveal high quality, high res Nikon D70s shots; my apologies for the poor quality of the thumbnails. If your available browser res is less than 1280, click the image again to scale it to 100% – it should open in a nice popup thingie.

dsc_2076.jpg dsc_2089.jpg dsc_2091.jpg

dsc_2094.jpg dsc_2096.jpg dsc_2098.jpg

A few more…

dsc_2100.jpg dsc_2111.jpg dsc_2114.jpg

dsc_2118.jpg dsc_2124.jpg dsc_2125.jpg

And a few more…. 🙂

dsc_2133.jpg dsc_2136.jpg dsc_2140.jpg

dsc_2146.jpg dsc_2148.jpg dsc_2163.jpg

dsc_2149.jpg dsc_2171.jpg dsc_2168.jpg

[All shots copyright myself. Please ask for my permission before using these shots in any way; let me know if you’d have any interest in the original RAW/NEF files for whatever reason.]